Professional People, Not a Panel

Today everyone expects perfection instantly. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are win or lose situations when viewing properties. Agents constantly battle with this demand and how to minimise loss.

The challenge is putting your brand in the hands of competent professional people. That is why we would like to introduce to you a typical Access2View field agent.

Access2view is proud of our highly professional team of field agents, that consist of qualified personnel trained in-house to a high level.

As we train each Field Agent, a relationship is established with our wider team to create a full support network, we believe that if we work together we can achieve maximum results

You will most likely have the same team working on your property time and time again, resulting in a steady and consistent service.

Our field agents are GDPR compliant and conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner. The result is that they are very helpful in accommodating the clients and their clients, giving a trustworthy relationship between the field agent and agent.

As an example, we will like to introduce you to Matthew, a very dedicated field agent.

Matthew is an easy going and very dedicated field agent proud to work for Access2view and always easy to communicate with. He has been with us for quite a while and has proven to be reliable and reported to us that the level of precision and accuracy that is required at A2V, fits into his personality and lifestyle.

Matthew always arrives well in time for his appointments, manages the orders in a timely manner and is accountable. We always receive positive feedback from the client about Mathew’s professional approach and engagement with landlords, vendors and tenants.

Here, Matthew explains how he brings expertise to Access2View

“Working for Access2view was a lifestyle choice for me. As a retail manager for 30 years, I enjoy the customer service aspect and also currently a landlord feeding my love of property. With Access2view I can work from home in my free time helping viewers with their biggest financial decision they may ever make. A good level of support is provided either by phone or online.”

Imagine the benefits of having Matthew on your team or any other Access2View Agent, who are dedicated to making your experience a pleasurable one.


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