Local Property Experts and LEAPERS. Worth the hype?

Are companies still using panels? What is the perfect solution to aiding the hybrid and/or strengthening the growth and reach of the online Agent?

When Access 2 View opened its doors back in 2012, panels were all the rage. In fact I think one of my motivations to start Access 2 View was as a result of working with a panel company to help me arrange property marketing. Having made a poor job of it consistently, I decided this was something I believed we could do to a much higher standard.

So what is a panel? Well for those that are unaware, It’s the use of a contractor to service and conduct work on your behalf in any given area. E.g. inventories. The ‘Panel’ is a collection of these contractors spread out across your area of operation, i.e. the UK.

This is a model that Access 2 View has moved away from in the last 18 Months. Moving away from the panel option to an employed team option.

Why is Access 2 View not building with panels anymore? Well, put simply, panels are not the best way to maintain control of a large group of people. Whilst you can implement ideas with a panel team it is far more difficult to control consistency, even with well managed auditing.

Other companies are now (like Access 2 View did previously) are building with LEAPERS (Local Estate Agents Or Professional Experts) and/or Local Property Experts. Whilst this is a better solution than that of the panel, it still requires you to provide regular work to contractors (even if they are a licensee or franchisee). ‘Giggers’ (workers in the on-demand industry) need regular work, especially if you expect to retain a level of loyalty and reliability.

Is employing people really the best way to go? Building with a team of professionals in an employed capacity is no easy feat, but it is one that provides greater control over training, faster implementation of new services and accountability to ensure services are performed to plan. It provides greater security to our clients too, in my opinion.

We don’t use other agents nationwide to conduct work on behalf of Access 2 Views clients because lead theft can and does happen. Agents that regularly use other agents to assist them in remote locations or when the property is at a distance will tell you their experiences. Some may argue that the local agent is in a better position to service that client. Maybe, but it is still a breach of trust when the client is approached without permission.

With all the tough lessons we’ve learned within these walls regarding Viewings and the booking of appointments over the last four years, I know clients are now experiencing the fruits of that growth. Anyone who has ever built a company from its inception will tell you that those first few years is when you pay the biggest price in terms of the lessons learnt and knowledge gained.

With the launch of the Access 2 View ‘Viewings School’ in 2017 I am also passionate to see that we will continue to be the best viewings service in the UK to our clients, providing affordable professional services nationwide.

Access 2 View is dedicated to supporting the online property models as they continue to grow in the UK. Whether you’re a high street agent that is looking to phase in a hybrid model, a remote block management company or a social housing organisation, we’ll do our very best to provide world class service as ever.


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