Key management for property services is an interesting obstacle when you consider it. The UK is a very advanced country (I’ve been to third world countries, believe me I know) with generally great WiFi connectivity across the country, access to amazing smart phone technology, and advances in engineering and the sciences too.

So why are we still using a door lock with the same principles that date back to the 1850’s. Quite simply we’ve never found a better or more affordable way of improving the result.Though with all ‘Dinosaur’ type inventions (see Stephen Key) innovators seem to be intent on finding a way to improve something we take for granted every single day. The need for a key.

Our key management logistics are kept secret to ensure our Clients experience the best advantageous position as possible.

1.Key Safes 

These can be a good option in general. However for larger portfolios this will mean a costly upgrade. Whilst there are many companies out there offering this service, I’d recommend AgeUK. It’s a great cause, they offer installation and it’s a great price.

Pros / Cons 

Police approved devices available / None are completely tamper proof

On site access provision / Need to change the password often

Low level installation skillset / Size can be limiting for anything more than

Security level = Low/Med / Four keys

2.Leave with a trusted person

Family or friends, all the people you know well.  But friends and family can often tire quickly if being called to and fro to your property.

Pros / Cons 

Trust level = High / ‘Help Fatigue’ can kick in after a while

May return the favour / May let you down as ‘we’re family’.

3.Leave with a trusted company


Trusted companies are out there and can be useful. Though there can be many hidden fees that arise when you actually need your keys for any purpose. They are not all sharks though and certainly worth checking in on if you don’t have any other options.

Pros / Cons 

Trust level = High / Hidden fees and charges

4.Post to a trusted partner Royal Mail

Kind of a pre-cursor to numbers 2 & 3 but worth noting as this will incur additional postage charges. Posting keys can come with a myriad of security issues if not done in a safe way.

Pros / Cons 

Trust level = Low without secure measures / A problem if the recipient is out as will cause delays when waiting to be able to collect.

5.Install a digital lock

There are many new exciting locks entering the market now, one example is the Augustus lock. A simple door handle that provides high level encryption and allows you to enter your house via your smart phone.

Pros / Cons 

Security level = Med/High / Lost phone will cause a few issues

Keep tabs on movement at home / New tech…may need some time

Allow access remotely!Will require installation which will cost

  • Something else… 

This is our top secret key logistics option. Built into our system you’ll never have to worry about keys ever again.

Pros / Cons 

Track movements online / Online access required

Included in price

Secure key code tech

Availability to collect not down to our reps

Super fast.

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