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Marketing property is a fast-paced responsibility in 2018. It can be lengthy, physically time-consuming and carry unexpected costs. Often, estate agents are criticised for not being as efficient, affordable, or as friendly as they could be by disillusioned property seekers.

When marketing a property, presenting it in the right light, is vital as first impressions count. However, there are always important details of your property that can’t be appreciated in the photography, particulars or brochures.

Working with many agencies now over the last six years has proved that the small details matter as much as the big.

Viewing a property allows a potential buyer to visualise themselves in that property, where they mentally ‘moves in’ to some degree or not.

Viewings also enable clients to get an instinctive feel about the response and desirability of a property and/or area. It is safe to assume that more properties are sold after a viewing is undertaken than at any other part of the marketing process. This may sound like common sense but its an important truth.

Research conducted by the Department For (Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy in 2017 proved that 30% of buyers viewed a property only once before buying, and 20% of buyers asked for a second viewing or third viewing.

Viewings reduce the risk factors potential buyers associate with purchasing a property.

So with all these benefits are you offering viewings to properties on your books? If so is it stretching your time and energy, and proving an unnecessary strain on your other services?

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