A View To A Kill

What will the estate agency world look like 50 years from now? Will technology eventually kill off all estate agents?
“After recovering a microchip from the body of a deceased colleague in Russia, British secret agent James Bond (Roger Moore) discovers that the technology has the potential for sinister applications.”- Wikipedia (On Movie ‘With a view to a kill’)

I love considering the possibilities of the future of the property sector, even beyond my lifetime. I even wrote a blog on this a few months back. But even as a lover of innovation you can’t help notice the ongoing fear driven by the tabloids about ‘Robots taking our jobs’, or ‘computers taking away livelihoods’.

The property industry is a slow changing one, relatively speaking. It has remained largely unchanged in its basic format for over 100 years, albeit with the introduction of the portal. But as technology and the desires for innovation encroach on many a traditionalists mindset, I have come to wonder what is going to become of the radical changes taking place within the property sector? Will we all be wiped out eventually to an app with A.I.?

The ferocity with which many high-street agents defend their methodologies against a sea of technological change is at times sad. Like the horse and coachman raging with his fist in the air that the car will never become mainstream. I don’t mock them, or their methods, but I do hope that they decide to innovate, to adapt and not get lost in a ‘thats the way it’s always been done’ mentality.

Playing devil’s advocate though, what if the traditionalist agents are right? That an online service could never truly match that of a local agent? Technology would never replace the service of a human being. In part, I’d have to agree, technology can be cold but the desire for change by the masses will always outweigh the desire to maintain from the few.

I think in 50 years we may all well become obsolete. Agents of the future will be the creation of what the next generation want and grew up with. Something convenient over that which takes up more time. Intuitive websites with AI capability to treat us just like a human does…. well almost.

Could it go too far? Yes, maybe. But the human touch will always be a unique selling point and one that, for now, online agents can offer just as effectively as any high-street agent can.

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