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Ways To Send Keys

Need to send us keys to manage the viewings or other property services for you? With Access 2 View you have several options that make it simple and fast to send keys safely and securely to us. Whereas other companies send keys to personal addresses of their team, we don’t.

The reason for this is that if they are not home, they will have to wait 24 hours before they are sent to the local depot. This all adds at least a day to your marketing process. With Access 2 View, we send or collect keys from a safe secondary location. This allows for collection and return of keys at the earliest convenience for those needing the keys.

Take a look through the options below for you to move keys around.


Click & Collect

Our Click & Collect integration is a groundbreaking feature offering for our clients. This option as with all of the options below are built into our WMS system. When you pick your service you can then choose how to send keys. Select Click & Collect and you will get an ‘emailable’ postage label that attaches to a padded envelope.

Once the keys are safely inside the envelope they can then be dropped off to any one of hundreds of available collection points. 


Key Safes & Installation

Whilst key safe are not a new concept, we’ve tried to make the process and cost of using them simpler and more affordable for our clients.

With every Viewing Pack, you’ll have the option to choose a Key Safe as a way of managing access to your Vendors property. This option will be included in the current price of the Viewing Packs. The service includes delivery, supply and installation of the Key Safe.

Our chosen Key Safe is one of three police approved key safes in operation within the UK. This device is a sturdy and solid, and will be installed discreetly at the property in a place away from general view. Although it can even be installed in plain site.


In Person Handover

If you prefer then we can provide an in-person collection of the keys within a three mile radius of the property. This will be done with one of our professional Field Reps who’ll collect and retain the keys until they are requested to be returned.

Returning Keys – The Options

Once you are ready for us to return their keys you can log on and select your options. These options include;

Who would you like to send keys to?

Current Vendor

New Vendor

The Agent

Third Party

Where would you like the keys sent to?

A Collection Point (Ideal for buyers)

A Personal Address (In-Person, 3 mile radius)

An Office Address (In-Person, 3 mile radius)

How would you like the keys returned?

Click & Collect Service. Keys will be sent to your local collection point (typically open until late)

In Person by a local Field Rep

When did you want the keys to arrive?

Next Day - In Person is best

Within 48 hours - Click & Collect is best


Click & Collect

Our Field Reps will return your keys and ensure they are back safely using Click & Collect. They will be delivered to a local collection point to your current address. Once arrived you can collect them using just your ID.


Key Safe

Once the hire of a key safe comes to an end we will return the keys to your chosen location In-Person (if within 3 miles to the property) or by Click & Collect (if beyond 3 miles of the address).


In Person Handover

We’ll take the keys to your chosen location within 3 miles of the property address. They could be left with a family member, a trusted friend or a third party professional.

To learn more about how our key services could help with your property logistics, call through to speak to one of our sales team today.

Order your Keysafe


Key Safe from Access2View

At Access2View, we proudly offer Key Safes as a secure and affordable way for our customers to manage access to property at a great price.
You can now order the Police & Insurance approved KeySafe Supplied, Delivered and Installed at any address in the UK for only £79.99 (includes VAT)


Key Safe FAQs

Why should I trust Access2View Key Safes?

Access2View only use Keygaurd XL. A durable and robust key safe that is police approved. This means it can also be added to your house insurance.

Which is the most secure key safe?

In our opinion, it is one that has been police approved. Currently there are only three units that carry this status.

What is the difference between Sold Secure Bronze and LPS1175 SR1?

It’s always difficult to compare standards but Access 2 View believes that both are good standards of domestic security products. Sold Secure Bronze is a longer attack test and incorporates a power tool (12v cordless drill) but, the skill and experience of the LPS 1175 test team mean that the SR1 standard should not be underestimated. Both standards are difficult to pass and both standards probably represent a higher level of security to the average front door in the UK.

What is Sold Secure Bronze?

Sold Secure is owned and run by the Master Locksmiths Association. They test and approve various security products including door locks, safes, cabinets, padlocks, chain & vehicle locks. Within their standards they have 3 pass levels, Gold, Silver & Bronze. Their certification is widely recognised by the UK Insurance Industry and the UK Police. Visit this link for further details:

What is Keyguard Digital XL?

A small safe for storing household keys outside of the property. Most commonly used in the UK by carers to gain access to patients’ properties. It can also be used to allow access to holiday homes and to store spare house keys. It can also be used indoors to store a single car key in a secure place.

Is Keyguard Digital XL suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, its been specifically designed for outdoor use.

Is it Police Approved?

Yes. Keyguard Digital XL has been given approval from Secured by Design. This is the official Police Scheme for recognising security products. Visit this link for further details:

Is it insurance approved?

This will be down to individual insurance companies to decide. However, we can say that it has been independently tested and certified by a body that both the Police and UK Insurance industry recognise and work with. The security level that it has passed means that it is probably superior to the security afforded by many normal household doors. We would therefore not expect an insurance company to have a problem giving cover to properties where the Keyguard Digital XL is used.

Is it as strong as my front door?

That depends on the security level of your individual door. We believe that the average household door could be opened in less time than the Keyguard Digital XL, using the same tools that are available in the Sold Secure Bronze Standard.

Has it been tested?

Yes, its been independently tested and certified to Sold Secure Bronze.

Are there other Police approved Key Safes?

Yes. To our knowledge there are 3 key safes that have been given Secured by Design accreditation. Keyguard Digital XL, Sentrilock Realtor Lockbox, & Supra C500.

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