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The Power Of An Inventory

With Access2Inventories you can be assured of two things. The first being that our team is a great team of trained professionals. The second that we deliver detailed quality reports. So much so that we underpin many other Inventory companies across the UK.


Manage Tenants, Manage Risk.

Most Tenants are great, not giving their Landlords a single issue throughout their tenancy. Then there are those that cause substantial damage gradually over the term of their occupation.

An Inventory Report allows the Landlord to manage their risk at the source. Providing the Landlord with the information and tools to know if their property is being mis-handled and plan accordingly.


Is the property in need of repair?

The report will help highlight existing or potential repairs by alerting the Property Manager or Landlord to them.
Helping you to make informed decisions when addressing issues at an earlier stage. This will also help to budget for repairs, re-decorating and replacements accordingly.
Allowing you to stay on top of residual change before it becomes substantial.

  • Inventory Clerk

    We will arrange for the Inventory Clerk to contact the access provider to arrange the visit. You can be comfortable knowing we’ll arrange for the earliest available appointment.
  • Meet the Tenant

    We will meet the tenant on moving day and walk them through the property and the inventory with the tenant. Our team are professional throughout, with a personal touch.
  • Schedule

    We'll also complete a schedule of condition, with general overview including the cleanliness of the property. We take the utility meter readings, list the keys being handed over and perform a walk through with the tenants.
  • Digital Inventory

    When the inventory we’re working from is one created, it will be updated electronically with any additional comments from the check in and a clean copy provided to the instructing party.

How can your Check-In & Check-Out help me?

At the check-in, the inventory should layout the current condition of the property, including the age and condition of the fixtures, fittings and furnishing. This helps landlords and letting agents to compare what the current state of the property is at the check-in and at check-out stages.

We’ll make sure each inventory written is clear and understandable to the reader. Defining each of the terms used to report the condition or cleanliness of items in the property.

Access2View Inspections

Periodic Inspections

Interim inspections at 4-6 month intervals are an important tool in regular successful management of rented property.

To complete an Interim Inspection, we arrange for an Inventory Clerk to visit the property, by prior arrangement, to complete a thorough independent review of the current condition and status of the living environment.

Specifically, the Interim Inspection provides useful insight for the property manager or Landlord that can sometimes be left until the end of a tenancy is reached. This ‘Mid-Term’ Inspection helps to identify several valuable areas otherwise not achievable.


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Feedback From Appointments


Next Day Availability

A Field Team You Can Rely On

Access2View has been crafting a reliable Field Team for over 6 years.
Experienced and skilled, this passionate group of professionals are trained to support your business the way you want.



Background checked and referenced, our team are ready for anything.



We are not a panel! We believe in building and nurturing a team of experts you can become familiar with.



Once you have your appointment completed, we’ll send you detailed feedback – so you can plan your next steps with complete transparency.



All our Field Team are insured as standard. When we’re on site you can rest easy and relax, trusting that nothing has been left up to chance.


Lone Worker Policy

We are committed to the wellbeing of our team. Using market leading technology, Access2View works with StaySafe and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to ensure maximum safety at all times.


Available 365 Days

You’re spoilt for choice – our Field Agents are now available between:
8 am – 8 pm Monday – Friday
9 am – 6 pm Saturday
10 am – 4 pm on Sunday

Key Holding Options

Here at Access2View, we are always trying to figure out ways to make the ‘Property Experience’ simpler and less stressful for all parties involved. One thing we often here from clients is that: nothing is a bigger pain than managing keys – but now, with the help of our amazing partners, we can proudly offer a unique and innovative solution this.


24/7 Secure Key Transfer

KeyPing can provide you with a secure local storage or transfer point. This means you can allow access locally for anyone that you choose. The chosen party will receive a code by email allowing for managed access remotely.

Add Keys Online

Add Keys Online

Select A Location from 1000s

Select A Location from 1000s

Dropoff or Have Collected

Dropoff or Have Collected

Access With Unique Code

Access With Unique Code

Key Safes

We’ll arrange and install a key safe on appropriate and convenient properties.

In Person

Leave the keys with a trusted family member, friend or neighbour.

Learn More about how our partner KeyPing can help you manage your keys far better.

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By connecting professional Field Agents located across the UK, we give you the ability to go national.

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