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In Person and Personal, When it needs to be. Digital or Paper.

Document signing & ID Checks


When you require ID checks or documents to be signed for in person, Access 2 View can make sure you have what you need fast. With a network of property professionals throughout the UK (not a panel) that can undertake your requests at fairly short notice.

The beauty of our ID checks or document signing services is that they are simple. No complex processes, no awkward set up procedures. Simply upload your template document and book the appointment online. Our Local Property Professionals can obtain a digital signature or conduct the service with a pen, it’s your choice.

When would you need this service?

Whether you need paperwork signed as part of the sales process, a tenancy agreement or you are taking on a new instruction. We can help you regardless of location across the UK.

ID checking goes hand in hand with a range of property due diligence and ensures agents are protecting the Vendors and Landlords.

Using the ID checking or document signing service for your customers will give you peace in knowing that our Local Property Professionals will complete the task and return the documentation to you promptly. This will be uploaded to your Access 2 View account or by post, depending on your instruction.


How could the service be helpful to me?

Local Property Professionals
Our Local Property Professional can provide you with an independent way to obtain completed documentation and check ID.
Verified Professionals
Our services are conducted by vetted, insured and trained professionals. This means you gain the benefits of a quality service whilst knowing the costs are manageable.

As with all Access 2 View services, they are easier to order, book and obtain processed work. Using our WMS online system, you can order today and have an appointment confirmed for tomorrow within a few hours.

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